Jailbreak Lunch Challenge: King’s Cross to Stratford

Each week LDN Lunch Break Challenge will set and complete a timed task and wants you to do the same. Get involved.

The challenge

Get as far away from your starting destination as possible in 15 minutes. Any monetary payments are subject to censure. Raise funds for charity while you’re at it.

Let’s talk tactics

We tested a number of different transport options to see which was the most efficient: trains, buses, bicycles, feet and thumbs were used to varying success.

Money was collected for Hackney Night Winter Shelter on an ad hoc basis. With greater organisation much more could have been raised than the final figure…

LDN Lunch Break attempt

12pm Contestants depart King’s Cross Station

12.01pm In what has subsequently been labelled as a “downright stupid idea”, Alex endeavours to hitchhike through London with limited success


12.05pm Meanwhile an epic struggle develops for bus/foot supremacy. The bloke to the left of the traffic lights pauses to take it all in


12.10pm Despite an earlier altercation with an angry lorry driver, Becket begins to make serene progress on two wheels…


12.11pm …while Alex is distracted by the man handing out free chocolate samples, perhaps inspired by LDN Lunch Break’s previous exploits


12.15pm Tube travellers, who were previously silenced by the underground, start to re-emerge. Jake is declared the winner, but loses marks for spending a tenner on a ticket and his lamentable selfie skills


I get to the pub before it’s opened, Becket is asked for urine samples after a suspiciously strong performance, while poor old Alex is left with a cold thumb and a wooden spoon…


For a full breakdown of the results see our interactive map below

£22 raised for charity. Disappointing but better than nothing.



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  1. adambecket says:

    Reblogged this on A Becket and commented:
    I took part in a weird jailbreak challenege, in which I cycled 4km in 15 minutes. Nice workour.


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