Crowning glory: Braid bar opens at Gina Conway hair salons

By Laura Rutkowski

Who has time to braid their hair? Not us. More importantly, who actually knows how to braid their hair into a pretzel-double-back-flip-cross-over braid? Again, not us. Forget YouTube tutorials and asking your friends for help, Gina Conway hair salons are making the whole process a lot easier with their recently launched braid bar. Visit your nearest branch at Westbourne Grove, Fulham, or Wimbledon.

Additionally, it’s hard to say no to braids that are named after goddesses. You’ll be a vision of ethereal effortlessness when you glide back into the office or to class after your lunch break.

Check out the five types of braids on offer that will put your simple three-strand braid to shame:

Rhea braid: Goddess of Nature – a loose braid that enhances your hair’s texture (from £15)

Nike Braid: Goddess of Victory – an edgy look that creates the illusion of an undercut through braids (£10 per braid)

Iris Braid: Goddess of Rainbows – a soft, sophisticated braid that’s perfect for special occasions, but in this case, you’re making work a special occasion (from £20)

Athena Braid: Goddess of Wisdom & Art – boxer braids that can easily be worn day or night in the style that’s so on-trend right now (£10 per braid)

Aphrodite Braid: Goddess of Love & Beauty – a funky and unique unicorn style to highlight your facial features

The good thing about having your hair braided is that with a quick spritz of hairspray overnight, your look will stay put the following day. Or, you could let your braids loose for wavy mermaid locks.

While you’re at the salon, ask the professionals how you can recreate the look at home. That being said, half of the fun is having someone braid your hair for you while you relax, so for now, remain blissfully unaware.

All prices depend on hair length and the difficulty level of the braid. Book an appointment here.

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