Putt your way into the weekend this Friday Lunch Break

Photo credit: Vain Photography

Staying healthy can be such a chore sometimes. Especially when you hit Friday and all you want to do is let your hair down. This lunch break why not combine the two – engage in some friendly sporting activity while getting moderately sozzled with Junkyard Golf Club.

1:00 Leave Liverpool Street and head on down to hipsters paradise Brick Lane. Its about a 15 minute walk to the golf club but with a brisk pace you’ll make it in 10. Plus you’ll work up a sweat (that’s the fitness side of things covered).

1:10 Among the growing trend in London of bars that offer leisurely pursuits alongside pints and packets of crisps, Junkyard golf club, Brick Lane offers 3 indoor crazy golf courses with which partygoers may navigate. You’ll probably only have time to do one course. Junkyard is a golf experience like no other as you putt your way through a mix between a scrap metal yard and one of Jackson Pollock’s wet dreams.

1:30 Using one hand to swing your putter and the other to hold a glass of rioja you master the putting green like Tiger Woods pre-car crash/marital breakdown. Remember to keep those squats tight as you bend down to fetch the ball out of the hole.

1:50 Unfortunately, its time to head back to work. Not to worry you can come back in a few hours and try one of the other courses.

For more details check out: http://www.junkyardgolfclub.co.uk/about-ldn


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