The Office Olympics: Easy games to play at work. Just call it “Team Building”.

Charlotte Davey

While we are totally of the belief that it is very important to leave the office at lunchtime to enjoy some fresh air and much-needed downtime, sometimes it just isn’t possible. You may have to wait for a call, or perhaps it’s just pissing it down outside (it is November, after all). If you really can’t leave the office, at least make sure you take a break from actually working for an hour. Why not host an office Olympics? Let your hair down, help yourself to some equipment from the stationery cupboard, and let the games begin – if your boss comes over, tell them it’s team building. We’ve compiled a list of quick, simple office Olympic games to keep you occupied.

1.00pm – Blu-Tack Movies (or any other non-mainstream adhesive putty of your choice – we’re not biased). Gather your most fun/least dull colleagues together and allocate each colleague one minute to sculpt an iconic film character out of Blu-Tack, while everyone else guesses who it is. 1 point per correct guess, the person with the most points gets a pint.

1.15pm – (Waste paper) Basket Ball. While you eat your lunch, take turns with a colleague trying to throw balls of screwed up paper into one another’s bins. Use any means possible to deflect their projectiles from your bin. Not the most subtle of games, and not advised for those lacking in the hand-eye coordination department – you don’t want to accidentally take out Carole from HR in the process.

1.30pm – Elastic band archery. Another quick pit stop at the stationery cupboard is required for this one. On a white board or large paper presentation pad, draw a bulls-eye. Try to beat the number of times your colleagues can hit the target with a skilfully flicked rubber band. Once again, keep an eye out for your boss, or Carole from HR when operating air-borne stationery.

1.40pm – Coffee Run. Pop down to the kitchen to make yourself a cuppa, but fill it right to the brim. Map out a convoluted route back to the desk, trying to spill as little as possible en route back from the kitchen. Wait a few minutes, then get a colleague to do the same, following your route exactly, before comparing who spilt the least drink at the end.


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