Tinder Dating Challenge

Each week LDN Lunch Break Challenge will set and complete a timed task and wants you to do the same. Get involved.

The challenge

You’re in a flat spin this week, but determined to keep a few flames alight besides the midnight candle. This is a date on a schedule. Because there’s always time for romance.

Target time: a hopelessly ambitious 15 minutes.

Let’s talk tactics

To make it more of an event, squeeze in multiple venues and mix it up, but choose wisely: higher-end bars and restaurants are less viable for pit-stop visits so opt for informality.

Obviously let them know that you only have x amount of time beforehand. You’ll have the advantage of not having to explain that you’ll be reporting on the events of the date afterwards. More on that later. LDN Lunch Break prefaced this as ‘the most exciting date possible in 15 minutes’; more stimulating than the standard starting line and surprisingly elicited a greater level of interest than usual. Admittedly, it raises expectations to unrealistic levels, but the best cooks like to work in the hottest part of the kitchen.

LDN Lunch Break attempt
*Evening effort due to logistical complications. Equally workable during your lunch hour.

7pm Board Tamesis Dock. Order drinks. I buy but tell her she can’t have any of the fancy sounding cocktails because they take too long to make: “it’s John Smith’s or nothing love.”


7.02pm Sit out on front deck. Cracking view. Efficient.

7.03pm Reasons for the challenge and the blog are explained. “I’m not sure I like the sound of that,” she says. Shaky start.

7.10pm I’ve knocked back my G&T. Minimal inroads have been made into her glass of wine. If we’re serious about this 15 minute target I need to tell her to down it now. Like a man working on the production line at an Evian factory, I bottle it.


7.15pm Wine still not finished. Time’s technically up but we’re mid-conversation now.

7.25pm Determined to maintain some form of time keeping, I nudge us towards our next destination. Wine never finished.

7.30pm Valuable minutes wasted because I can’t find the Winter Food Village. CityMapper third-wheels for a minute or two. Happy hour looking more like amateur hour right now.

7.35pm Market found. At this point acceptance of challenge failure has set in and paralysed any sense of urgency.


8pm Intervening period is food eating and talking. No need to document. We get up to say goodbye…

Me: “Er…yh, so…um…if you wouldn’t mind like, er…messaging me some feedback…you know…for the blog and that? Sorry, that’s a bit of a weird one.” No reply. Second date in the bag.


Feasibility: 1/10
In hindsight, it’s difficult to think of a scenario in which a 15 minute first date would be socially acceptable. Don’t try this with someone you’ve never met before…Target time exceeded and then some.

Cost: 4/10

Satisfaction: 6/10
Other than bookending the date with foolishly misguided references to the blog, a pleasant enough experience.

Think you can do better? Give it a go and send in your results. Got a better suggestion? We’d love to hear them @LDNLunchBreak.


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