Nocturnal Animals: Plan your evening this afternoon

By Laura Rutkowski

The only introduction that new film Nocturnal Animals needs is that it’s written, co-produced, and directed by fashion heavyweight Tom Ford. Based on the book Tony and Susan by Austin Wright, this psychological thriller follows art gallery owner Susan (Amy Adams) as she is sent a novel written by her ex-husband Edward (Jake Gyllenhaal). The story’s violent plot forces her to reevaluate their former relationship and question the blurred lines between fact and fiction. The end result is a suitably stylish production, which means you need somewhere equally stylish to view it.

Electric Cinema, with its Portobello and Shoreditch locations, lets you lounge on plush armchairs, sofas, or even beds while you watch and cashmere blankets are provided to wrap up in.

Why not use your lunch break to book your ticket?

1pm: Visit Electric Cinema’s website here to book a showing of Nocturnal Animals.

1:05pm: Ticket sorted, head to your nearest Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Waitrose, or M&S –whatever takes your fancy. Stock up on your sweets of choice, whether you’re a Percy Pig fan, find yourself reaching for the Maltesers, or can’t get enough of the savoury stuff. Electric Cinema offers delicious food so you could just wait until you get there, but we think any excuse to buy sweets is justified, right?

1:30pm: Stash your goodies somewhere safe so that colleagues or friends won’t get the wrong idea that you’ve bought treats to actually share.

1:32pm: Watch trailers for Nocturnal Animals to get yourself excited for the evening ahead of you.

1:40pm: Spend the rest of your lunch break resisting the urge to eat any of your sweets while you’re tucking into that delicious salad. Mmm, lettuce is yummy.

Photo Credit: IMDb


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