Charity Lunch Challenge

Each week LDN Lunch Break Challenge will set and complete a timed task and wants you to do the same. Get involved.

The challenge

Complete a charitable task for GlobalGiving Time UK during your lunch hour, target time 15-30 minutes.

Let’s talk tactics

As our tagline suggests, our site is dedicated to getting Londoners out and about during their lunch hour. This activity involves neither London nor the outdoors. But it is for charity, so if you criticise it you are fundamentally a bad person. There is little in the way of pre-match strategy, other than finding a quiet(ish) place with good internet. You could get out and do some leafleting, but that relies on coincidence of time and place.

LDN Lunch Break attempt

1.00pm Go to and log in.

1.03pm Select my causes. Enjoy the solipsistic thrill of telling a computer how much you care about social justice while accepting that, in the grand scheme of things, you couldn’t give a toss about the environment.


1.04pm Select my skills. Again, this can be a great way to massage the ego. Equally, you may realise that you actually have nothing to offer the world.


1.05pm Select my task. Despite confidently boasting of its expertise in social media and blogging, at this point LDN Lunch Break remembers that it’s actually run by a bunch of students who can’t really help volunteer networks improve their websites and SEOs. Opt for less technically demanding challenge.

1.09pm Do some research, otherwise we’re shooting in the dark. Have a long hard think; pillow required for head.

1.26pm Submit your ‘helpful’ and ‘informed’ answer. LDN Lunch Break is too embarrassed to show their shoddy suggestion, so here is an example from some people who seem to know what they’re doing:


Feasibility: 6/10 helps if you have some background in charity work
Satisfaction: 8/10 good deed for the day done, although not sure how much we’ve really helped
Cost: 10/10 but a little besides the point

GlobalGiving aims to support grassroots nonprofit organisations in their community work. GlobalGiving Time aims to crowd source expert knowledge and advice from volunteers, helping projects around the world.

Think you can do better? Give it a go and send in your results. Got a better suggestion? We’d love to hear them @LDNLunchBreak.


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