Take your mind away from the London life with meditation this lunch break

On the happiness index, we Londoners come out as the most dissatisfied and anxious in the country. From the claustrophobic commute to work, to the painfully long hours between sleeps and the ever-rising rents it can tough staying afloat in the big city. In terms of our health we should be thinking of more than just bicep curls and eating salad. Mindfulness has become a de facto regime for many who swear by its peace-inspiring and rejuvenating qualities. Starting a beginners course can be a great way into practising mindful meditation on a regular basis which will help you concentrate on the here and now, freeing your mind from the stressful shackles of city life.


11:55 – Unfortunately you’re going to have to take off on your lunch break a little earlier than usual. Let your boss know that you will come back to work with the newly realised energy of 100 men. Get off at Liverpool Street.

12:00 – Bishopsgate Institute is a five minute walk away. The institute is an organisation focused on promoting liberal and cultural ideas with numerous classes from Arabic to wine tasting.

12:05 – Class begins. The institute has a beginners course in The Art of Meditation every Thursday staring on the 3 November. The course develops ancient meditation traditions into a more contemporary practice. The power of keeping a present mind can be hugely beneficial to your quality of life. Whether at work, in love or with friends.

12:55: Return to Liverpool Street. You should be able to treat the frantic tube journey back to work with a steady calm and serenity.

Photo credit: Sebastien Wiertz

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