Go ice skating in London on your lunch break. Get your skates on!

December’s weather is unseasonably balmy at the moment, so what better way to try and experience some proper winter scenes than ice skating? With outdoor ice skating rinks dotted all around London, you really are spoiled for choice: the Natural History Museum, Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland, the Tower of London, Somerset House, Hampton Court, and Canary Wharf to name a few.

This is the perfect lunch break filler for groups of friends or colleagues looking to escape the office for an hour or so.

Book early, wolf down a sandwich on the tube, and get your skates on!

Here are a few schedule ideas to help you plan ahead…

Natural History Museum, Kensington

Tickets: £12.65 for 50 mins (10% off if you’re a member)

1.00pm – Catch the tube from Victoria to South Kensington [4 mins]

OR from Oxford Circus to South Kensington [17 mins – you may have to leave a little earlier]

1.05pm – Walk from South Kensington station to the Natural History Museum [5 mins]

1.10pm – Get your skates on and get on the ice

Winter Wonderland, Hyde Park

Tickets: From £9.50 off peak

12.40pm – Catch the tube from King’s Cross to Green Park [6 mins]

OR from Victoria to Green Park [1 min]

OR from London Bridge to Green Park [7 mins]

12.47pm – Walk from Green Park station to Hyde Park [12 mins]

1pm – Get your skates on!

“Luminocity” – Canary Wharf

Tickets: From £14.50 off peak

12.15 – Take an early lunch break, as the lunchtime slot starts at 12.45.

Catch a tube from London Bridge to Canary Wharf [6 mins]

OR Get the DLR from Greenwich to Canary Wharf [10 mins]

12.25 – Walk 2 minutes from Canary Wharf station to Canada Park and get on the ice.



It’s a great way of getting some fresh air on your lunch break.

Head down before the Christmas holidays start and you shouldn’t run the risk of being mown down by small children.


Your lunch break falls within the now limited hours of daylight, so everyone will see you when you fall on your arse.


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