Lunch break blowout at Benefit

By Laura Rutkowski

If you’re willing to brave the madness that is Oxford Circus tube station on your lunch break, you only need to walk five minutes down Carnaby Street before you reach your happy place. Step inside the Benefit Cosmetics Boutique for a quick full-service shampoo and blowout. You’ll be in and out in 30 minutes and your hair will thank you for it.

As well as being stocked full of makeup products that are almost too pretty to use, Benefit also offers a range of treatments. Choose from a brow shape or tint, a spray tan, a body wax, or a manicure.

LDN Lunch Break recommends the Blowout Bar, because nothing boosts productivity levels at work or in class like fresh, bouncy hair. You’ll be inciting envy among your colleagues or classmates, as they’ll all wonder what exactly you got up to during your lunch break. Don’t worry; it’s our little secret.

1pm: Arrive at Oxford Circus.

1.05pm: Enter the pink fortress of the Benefit Cosmetics Boutique, where Benebabes will tend to your locks.

1.35pm: Head back to work or class feeling like a new person.

2pm: Use any excuse to stroke your silky strands for the rest of the day, flipping your hair in everyone’s direction.

Total price: £26.50

For thick or long hair, or if you have extensions, an extra £10 might be added per 15 minutes after the initial 30-minute service.

To book an appointment at the Benefit Cosmetics Boutique, call 020 3597 5886 or check out the website here.

Photo credit: London Evening Standard


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