Getting fit during your LDN Lunch Break

We have all dreamt of having that adonis body but too often time can get in the way of our goals. Often we are too tired at the beginning and end of our day to even comprehend a workout session. Yet there is a little slot in the middle where we can take time out of our day and build a healthy fitness regime. Dont wait till the new year to start your health kick. You can start on the pathway to that dream body this lunchtime

1.00pm: Leave Old Street station and head on down to Fit4less gym where you can pay as you go for £10 through PayasUgym or £29.99 a month which is reasonable for a gym this central. The free weights area is spacious and they have all the resistance machines you will need to achieve your goals. If you head down on a Thursday you can hone those abs with a 30 minute ‘tough to the core’ workout session.

1.35pm: Instead of having a sterile warm down on a running machine take a jog around the leafy seclusion of Bunhill Fields. As with many grand old parks in London it doubles up as a cemetary. History runs deep through the park as authors John Bunyan and Daniel Defoe were laid to rest here as well as poet William Blake.


1.55pm: It is a 5 minute walk to Moorgate station from the park where you can return to the Northern Line. However before you do remember to pay a visit to Protein Haus. Fuel those lunchtime gains with a ‘Vegan Protein Box’ packed full of brown rice, lentils, avocado and kale washed down with a ‘Bruce Lean’ protein shake containing 21 grams of protein and a matcha green tea mix to boost your energy levels for an afternoon in the office.

Total Price: £20


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